The Prosperity Stories: Canada Music Academy

May 20, 2021

The Prosperity Stories is our way to profile the different businesses we’re partnered with, to share their stories and how they are able to live a more prosperous Life. Beyond numbers.™

Meet Samia O’Day, a musician, music teacher, and Founder & Director of the Canada Music Academy and the Montreal Academy of Music. The Canada Music Academy won the award for OTTAWA’S BEST MUSIC SCHOOL at the 2021 OTTAWA AWARDS. 

Q What does prosperity mean to you?

Prosperity, to me, means an ability to share what I have with others, to contribute to my community and to lift others up with my words, deeds and actions. I believe that a prosperous community is one that is able to support a diverse group of people, and that this diversity is what makes it so rich. Diversity is a great strength which can lead to deep prosperity on so many levels.

Q What does prosperity look like for your business?

Prosperity for my business means the ability to support and equip our staff and teachers to be able to bring their best to every student and parent at our schools. It means providing a supportive space where everyone is welcome to contribute, learn and shine. Our team of over 300 music teachers across Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario speak over 35 languages combined. This wealth of knowledge and shared experience is our cornerstone as we help mentor students of all levels, in person, and online through our patented online learning and software systems.

Q Why was it important for you to partner with an accounting firm?

Elite Accounting has taken the stress out of accounting for me, and that ease and professionalism allows me to focus on what I love to do best: sharing the joy of music!

Q What business advice would you give to someone who is just starting?

Everyone is unique, so do what you do best! Enjoy the journey.  It's not always easy, but it is worth it if you do something that you are passionate about and believe in. Take your time. Lift others up. Bring others along with you and share your successes.

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