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August 14, 2021

We sat down with Gurek Deol, our Senior Accountant, to talk about Elite Accounting’s Monthly Accounting Service.

Q What is Elite Accounting’s Monthly Accounting Service?

Our Monthly Accounting Service is a full-cycle accounting package that strives to ensure our clients have the foundation they need to fuel their financial success. Through this service, our clients have up-to-date information to assist them in making important business decisions that can lead to wealth generation. You don’t have to wait for the annual meeting with your accountant—with our Monthly Accounting Service you can reach out to us whenever you have a question or need advice as it is a core part of this service.  

What does the Monthly Accounting Service include?

Our Monthly Accounting Service includes:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Guidance, financial planning, and consulting services
  • GST/HST Return(s)
  • Financial Statements
  • Year-end tax filing including Federal Corporation Income Tax Return (T2), and other tax slips (T4 and T5)
  • Payroll services

How does Elite Accounting support our Monthly Accounting Service clients?

We support our Monthly Accounting Service clients by setting them on a path towards success. We do our best to take the stress out of accounting by decoding the accounting lingo and tax legislation so we can explain the pros and cons related to each business decision. This is fueled by our desire to see our small business clients succeed and push their boundaries.

What kind of advice do you provide to Monthly Accounting Service clients?

We provide advice on a broad range of topics, for new businesses and established ones. A few of the topics we dive into include business strategy, cash flow management, debt management, unpaid invoices, budgeting, staffing, and cloud accounting software. Every small business client is different, it is important to go through a needs assessment and customize the advice provided to each unique business situation.

What if a client requires more than the Monthly Accounting Service?

Clients that need more than the Monthly Accounting service can acquire our Virtual CFO or Virtual Controller packages. As your business grows and becomes more complex you might be considering taking a more proactive approach to your business. This includes additional financial responsibilities and planning requirements. Our Virtual Controller and Virtual CFO services take this proactive approach and apply it to your business through careful financial planning and management.  

What makes Elite Accounting’s Monthly Accounting Service different from other accounting services?

Elite Accounting is different from other accounting services because we genuinely care about people. We want to help our clients see beyond the numbers into something greater. We cover the numbers so that our clients can focus on what matters to them most—be it their business, their family, or their community.

How can someone get started with Elite Accounting’s Monthly Accounting Service?

If you are interested in getting started with Elite Accounting’s Monthly Accounting Service you can do so by contacting us!

Gurek Deol | Contributor
Senior Accountant
Elite Accounting

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