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Q&A with Simon

October 9, 2021
What makes an accounting experience exceptional? An exceptional accounting experience occurs when both the client and the accountant... Read More

A Post-Pandemic Reset for Small Businesses

August 28, 2021
The last 18 months have tested even the hardiest, most experienced small business entrepreneurs. Every day has presented... Read More

Appreciating Our Administrative Professionals

April 27, 2021
Wednesday, April 28th is Administrative Professionals’ Day in Canada. Whatever day you choose to recognize it, it is... Read More

What’s Ahead for Ottawa Real Estate?

March 22, 2021
Buying a home is probably the largest purchase a person will make in a lifetime. The Covid-19 pandemic... Read More

Making Tax Time Less Stressful: Tips for Filing Your Personal Return

March 15, 2021
With the arrival of Spring, many people start to panic because they know it is tax time. Unless... Read More

Navigating Your Small Business Through the Pandemic

February 17, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for small business owners and operators. Every day there are new... Read More

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