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June 26, 2021

Construction Artists

Manon and Dave Prince, owners of Manon Prince Interiors, call themselves ‘construction
artists.’ This Ottawa design, construction and renovation firm prides itself on providing what it
calls ‘identity-driven interior design.’
“We try to make spaces closer to what represents peoples’ true identity, who they are as
individuals or as a business,” says Manon. “In that way, they feel comfortable where they live or
“We want the whole project to be an experience – a pleasant experience,” says Dave.
Manon Prince Interiors provides a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients (

The Beginning of a Dream

Manon’s artistic side is complemented by Dave’s construction expertise. “In the early days,
Manon worked side by side with me, putting up drywall, painting, you name it,” says Dave.
“Now much of Manon’s time is spent putting her unique artistic imprint on every project. To
tell the truth, I miss having Manon beside me on the job.”
If this sounds like a real-life love story, it is. Manon and Dave have been married for 26 years
and started their business in 2001, almost on a whim, when one of Manon’s aunts gave them
carte blanche to redesign the interior of a small house.
“Since then, we have seen many ups and downs, health-wise and professionally, but we have
overcome them to create the successful company we have today,” says Manon.
Building a Business
How successful? From a two-person operation in 2001 (Dave and Manon), Manon Prince
now has six additional employees. In fact, it has doubled in size in the past year.
Hiring their first employee was one of their biggest business challenges. “We were extremely
nervous about taking someone on full-time,” recalls Manon. “We were concerned about
whether we could do enough business to sustain them, knowing that they also had a family to
support. It was a huge responsibility - one we didn’t take lightly.”

“We also wanted to ensure that we could maintain our quality, the basis for our reputation,”
says Dave. “Every employee is part of our team. They are really an extension of our own hands
and skills. Even the trades we bring in are artistic. We all create something new to become
something special.”

Bonding with Clients

In addition to Manon’s artistry and Dave’s exceptional craftsmanship, the couple is proud of the
special relationship they develop with every client. “Client satisfaction is front and center for
us,” says Manon. “We go the extra mile to make sure that every part of the process goes well –
whether it is the initial design, choosing materials, the actual on-site work, and whatever
follow-up may be required. I tell our clients they will never have to lift a finger,” says Manon.

The Dream Continues

Looking to the future, Manon Prince Interiors is expanding into some complementary areas,
including a stand-alone electrical business, and another company called ID Squared. ID Squared
is a design firm with a twist. It also takes unique Manon Prince-designed art pieces, like
paintings, chairs or chandeliers, fabricated prototypes, and have them manufactured for sale.
Manon will also collaborate with local artists at the concept and design stage. The Princes are
working on a website and eventually a podcast, magazine, and storefront which will be like a

Measuring Success

When asked about their biggest success, Dave and Manon answered together, “Our daughter,
Elizabeth.” Being business partners never makes them lose sight of the fact that they are life
partners as well. Manon says, “I couldn’t see working with anyone else besides Dave. If you
have a dream and you want to work with your spouse, go for it.”
Dave advises that “in business and in life, take it one day at a time. If today is a bad day,
tomorrow will be better, and if not, the next day will. Hopes and dreams can conquer a lot of
Manon and Dave Prince seem to have found the winning formula for success in both business
and life.

Ian Sadinsky | Writer

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